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Are you searching for adult vintage erotic and pornographic magazines and books from the good, old days when wallpapers and bedspreads were brown and orange and girls still had hair on it?

Here is a chance to take your pick from one of the largest private collections of erotic and pornographic magazines, books and photos in Denmark, consisting of approx. 20,000 magazines and 12,000 photos, from the 1960s through the 1990s. Most of the items are in excellent condition. You may search the stock list directly here.



Please note that magazines from Color Climax Corporation (Rodox) are a speciality, but many mainstream and smaller, specialized publishers from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom and United States are well represented. There is an estimated total of approx. 2,000 different publishers.


My collection holds approx. 4,000 titles. In addition to the CCC titles, there are many issues of, for instance, Big Ones, Blue Climax, Candy, Club International, Cocktail, Dominas + Sklaven, Fiesta, Gum, Happy Weekend, Kavalkad, King Size International, Lotus, Magma, Mr SM, Nugget, Peaches, Pin up, Private, Schulmädchen, and many, many more.

In addition to the magazines, I have a large collection (approx. 12,000 items) of:

Black/white and colour photos of pinup/glamour, softcore and hardcore models, porn books and non-fiction books on sex and porn, VHS videos and 8mm/super8 cine films – and some hard-to-find items: Ballpoint pens, playing cards, catalogues of CCC magazines / films / videos, etc.

  • Hardcore photos (sets and singles)
    Hardcore photos (sets and singles)

The Stock List

First a word of explanation.

The list was created, rather hurriedly, when the collection was moved from my house to a storage facility, as a personal record of which magazine was in which box. It was never intended for the public eye and therefore the contents were tailored to my own needs. The key points are the magazine title, the issue (number), and the main categories, but also the publisher, the date (or year) of publication and other data that might be relevant. No photos of the front pages were included. Another consequence was, unfortunately, a number of typos, errors and inconsistencies, and to keep costs and prices down I must ask you to bear with them.

Searching the Stock List

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To search the entire list for any term, use the search field above the list.

If you prefer, you’re most welcome to send me your wish list and/or questions and I’ll be happy to search the database for your requirements.

Abbreviations used in the stock list

Contact and Payment

If you find a magazine you’re interested in, please let me know via the form below. I’ll subsequently send you a photo of the item and the price. If you decide to buy, you’ll get a quote for the freight costs. In any case, I’ll get back to you shortly. Payment in Danish kroner (DKK) is via PayPal or a transfer to my bank. Sorry, no credit cards.